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Tymon Hogenelst 

Jesse van der Ploeg


Jani van Kampen

Jiri Brakenhoff


Studio Wild is a collective of three Dutch architects developing provocative designs to exceed the current boundaries of architecture. Founded in a squatted school complex in Delft, the studio has developed an untamed approach to architecture, design, and art. Studio Wild (Tymon Hogenelst, Jani van Kampen, and Jesse van der Ploeg) aims to operate on the border, in areas of tension between politics, architecture, and nature, embracing complexity by working in a variety of disciplines.

Curiosity and an open-minded approach have brought the studio into contact with different places and projects ranging from workshop to seminar, sculpture to architecture, furniture to exhibition, from the Netherlands to Italy. Studio Wild approaches every place and project with an original view, creating a means of discussion and dialogue. It is not just an architecture studio, but a platform for reinventing the status quo, operating on the cutting edge of the current modus operandi.