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Workshop in 2019,
for students from 
The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana

A Tangible Encounter

In our experience we have learned that being foreign  to Topolo’s pulse, we had to adapt and start a conversation with Topolo on different levels. This resulted in a dialogue between us and the social, historic, cultural, natural and architectural fabric of the village. Our ambition was to offer students the same experience of making this encounter to Topolo tangible in a period of a mere five days. This resulted the installation of rammed river clay cubes that will erode over time

Instead of setting scale boundaries, we set the boundaries in their tools.  We set out a set of tools for all the students so that every student has one tool, which can vary from anything we think will set a boundary but gives the opportunity to really look at Topolo through a certain tool. This  resulted in a set of unique but thorough investigations.