about studio wild




Studio Wild exists out of three guys who met each other studying architecture in Delft. It is formed by a collective of diverse personalities. What we share is a passion for creating architecture outside of the curriculum with a high autonomous character. After designing a bridge and a parametric biomimicry 3d printed lamp we have proposed an architectural sculpture for ‘Stazione di Topolò 2016’. With an untamed approach to architecture, Studio Wild aims to research the boundaries between architecture, design and art.


Tymon was born in Tokyo in 1993 and raised in Amsterdam. After graduating from high school he went back to Japan to travel across the country, here he got his fascination for Japanese architecture. He started his architecture studies in 2013 at the Technical University of Delft. Together with Jani and Jesse he has a small studio in an abandoned school. This is now the headquarters of Studio Wild.


Jani was born in Den Haag in 1990. His curiosity for art, travel and architecture has been predominant his whole life. He started at the University of Delft in 2010. In 2015 he organized the International Design Seminar INDESEM themed 'Recraft'. His passion for art, travel and architecture crystalize in Topolò, where he worked together with two close friends who share the same interests, they designed a sculpture that is the outcome of their collaboration.


Jesse was born in Amsterdam in 1989. In high school he was making indoor graffiti portrait murals. After this he started his studies at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam where he was introduced to painting, sculpture, and working with wood and steel. After two years he switched from being predominately technical in art academy to being outspoken artistic at the technical university. This tension between the technical and the artistic - between architecture, design and art - was further researched and practiced by a group of students in Delft in a workshop in an old school referred to as ‘The Atelier’. This practice and research was finally crystalized into ‘STUDIO WILD’.